ExacMe 15 Foot Basketball Trampoline with Premium Enclosure Carbon Fiber Rod, 400 LBS Weight Limit, L15+BH04

by ExacMe
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Items Description:

Exacme Carbon Fibrer trampolines are made with strong, rust-resistant galvanized steel tubing and Carbon Fibrer tube for the poles, which is lightweight and corrosion resistance. 6 U-shaped legs with 12 balanced contact points add stability and prevent wobbling or tipping, also add more weight capability. Galvanized Springs provide a deeper, more exciting bounce. This 15-foot, 108-spring trampoline has a 400 pound maximum weight capacity, is easy to assemble and requires no tools or extra drilling. The cool basketball hoop adds a great hopping experience to trampoline. The rust-resistant frame will hold up to years of heavy outdoor use.

Note: If you want to move the trampoline, there must be 3 or more people to do it. Please do not drag only one side to move the trampoline.


  • In the trampoline products, this carbon fibre pole trampoline has the best attractive design and color choices.
  • 6W Legs trampoline and T-joints, much more stable and safe!
  • Frame steel tube and U-shape foot tube are fixed by the T-joints.
  • The carbon fiber material is smooth, round and strong, it is same material as most fish poles. So it highly corrosion resistance.
  • 12 carbon fiber poles support the top of safety net.
  • Using carbon fiber support poles can increase the stability of the safety net, enlarge the inner space and provide depth sense, stereo sense, and large FOV.
  • Not bare any metal on the surface,all accessible parts has been covered by protective package.
  • Fully protect players from scratch.
  • PP jumping material, good waterproof performance, strong elasticity, long service life.
  • All models meet or exceed GS/TUV/ASTM/EN71/CE standards.

  • 15FT Round Fibre Glass Pole Tampoline
  • Rust Resistant Galvanized Steel Frame
  • 6 of W-Shape legs
  • 12 pieces of T-joints
  • 12 pieces of Carbon Fiber Pole
  • 12 pieces of Annulus Eye Bolt Fasteners
  • 12 pieces of Frame steel tube (hot dip galvanized)
  • 6 pieces of U-shape steel tube (hot dip galvanized)
  • 12 pieces of Leg extension tube (hot dip galvanized)
  • 108 pieces of Galvanized Springs
  • PP Jumping material
  • PE+PVC pad cover in blue or green color

Net Enclosure:
  • Creates a Fun Jumping Environment without limiting Visibility.
  • PE mesh netting.
  • Rust-resistant galvanized steel frame padded with PVC protective film for the poles.
  • The top of the safety net was supported by fibre pole. More stable and safe.
  • Sturdy straps and ropes to secure net to trampoline.

Basketball Hoop:
  • The hoop is designed to fit straight enclosure pole, but not for curved pole or arch style.
  • The hoop includes mounting hardware, a solid back panel and 7" inflatable basketball hoop, pump.
  • EPE wrapped around basketball hoop for safety

Item Specifications:

Type : 6183-L15Combo
Dimension : 15 feet
Color : Green Backboard, Black Net and Jumping Mat, Blue Pad
Height : 108.7"
Occupancy : 1
Galvanized Springs : 108
Spring Length : 7"
Frame Steel Tube Size : 1.65"(Diameter) x 0.06"(Thickness)
Fence Height : 71"
Frame Height : 29.3''(Min)/37.8'
Enclosure Net Pole Pad Material : PVC
Pad Size : 15' Outside Diam. With 12"-12.6" Pad Width
Pad Material : PVC+PE(7.9" thickness)
Net Enclosure Pole Size : 1.26"(Diameter) x 0.05"(Thickness)
Net Enclosure Material : PE
Net Enclosure Fixation : Sewn Fixed
Top Bracket : Fibre Pole
Ball Diameter : 7"
Back Panel Size : 28" x 20" x 0.98"
Material : Steel Frame/EPE/PP
Basketball Hoop Diameter : 12"
Basketball Hoop Diameter(Inner) : 9.4"
The thickness of the protective layer of the ball hoop : 0.4"
Maximum Weight Capacity : 400 Lbs 


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