ExacMe 7x10FT Small Rectangle Trampoline for Small Yard, Ladder Included, 6184-0710B/G

by ExacMe
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  • 7*10FT Trampoline, Fit Small Yard: Not all backyard are big enough and appropriate for round trampolines, which take up more space than rectangle trampoline because of shape. Exacme 7*10 ft small enclosed rectangle trampoline with ladder is easily placed for limited space. Kids can still enjoy bouncing fun in summertime even if you have a small yard
  • Sturdy Frame Construction: Exacme rectangle trampoline outdoor with net features 4 corners of triangular structure design and 1.5mm thick rectangle-shaped frame tubes instead of round shaped frame tube, which make whole frame withstand more pressure and study and safe
  • Larger Bouncing Space: Not like round trampoline, rectangle trampolines will not pull you back in the middle. You can jump anywhere you want. It have more landing spots that give you optimal bounce while absorbing your rebound. This also means the space usage will be maximized
  • Safe Inner Enclosure: Compared to net outside the spring and frame, inner enclosure trampoline is better for kids, which separate the jumping space from spring and frame and reduce the risk of slipping to springs accidentally
  • Stand Up to Wind: To improve the net durability and better withstand wind storm, top of trampoline net is supported by 8 high strength and corrosion resistance steel rods which normal trampolines don't have. It reduces net tear and sagging at the same time
  • Two Kids to Play Together: 7*10 FT trampoline with 5.5×8.5FT jumping area allows two kids to play together on the trampoline like throwing balls, bouncing, which makes trampoline more interesting. If you have more than one kid, this trampoline fits well. Max Safe weight limit of the kids enclosured rectangle trampoline is 275 LBS.
  • 2021 UPGRADE: EASY INSTALL TOP RAIL FOR NET: We have upgraded the top net rail from May 2021. Regarding the newest connector and steel wire, only one end designed with screw thread, the other end is smooth and without threads. Comparing with the old version that both end designed with threads, the upgrade makes the steel rods easier to install
  • Easy Assembly with Instruction Manual: We have also upgraded the top net rail since May 2021. Compared with the old version that both end designed with threads, the upgrade makes the steel rod easier to assemble
  • Enclosure net opening can only be installed at the long side of trampoline
  • Trampoline shipped in two boxes

Item Specifications:

  • Frame Size: 7x10 feet
  • Jumping Mat: PP Jumping material, dimensions 5.5x8.5feet
  • W-shape Leg: 4pcs
  • Spring: 6.5" Galvanized Springs, total 56pcs=(11+17)×2
  • Trampoline Frame Without Net: 2.62 feet
  • Trampoline Height with Net: 8.8 feet
  • Note: The top net pole is curved, so please note that the basketball hoop for a straight pole cannot be used for this trampoline.


Kindly Note:

  • Assembly requires 2-3 people.
  • Do NOT drag only one side to move the trampoline, please at least 4 people lift the trampoline from 4 sides.
  • Only one person should use the trampoline at a time.


Buyer Reading:

  • Warranty: Frame: 3 years; Jumping mat, spring cover: 1 year
  • Return Policy: 30-day, we do not cover the return shipping cost of non-quality issue



  • Shipped in total 2 boxes
  • Content: trampoline frame, trampoline enclosure, safety pad, ladder, hardware pack with spring tool, instruction

Questions and Answers:

  • Does it fold up after taking the enclosures off so that it can be put in the garage for the winter?
    No, it can not be folded up, you have to disassemble the trampoline if you want to put it indoors for the winter.
  • How we can install the basketball hoop on this trampoline?
    This trampoline can NOT be installed with a basketball hoop, because the safety net pole is curved, not straight.

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