Exacme 15 Foot Smart Trampoline 400 LBS Weight Limit, Upgraded Carbon Fiber Support Pole with Jumping Detector | Bluetooth Energy Calculator APP (L15)

by ExacMe
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ExacMe 2019 Original Design: Carbon Fiber Smart Trampoline

Design Intention: Do you want to know the energy consumption while you are jumping on the trampoline?
The jumping detector and FunTrampoline App allows trampoline lovers to record the energy consumption according to the jump time, jump count, jump height estimate and total accumulated height, providing an easy way for the jumpers to achieve their goals.

How to use it with trampoline?
Please firstly download the App (FunTrampoline) on your smart phone, then connect the detector box via Bluetooth.

Easy Installation
In order to protect jumping detector box and get more accurate data, we findally decide to install the box on springs, just right the spring cover can protect the box.
We suggest you install the box on the spring side which is close to the jumping mat.

Trampoline Model: Carbon fibre pole 15FT round outer trampoline
  • This is most strong and stable trampoline of all Exacme trampoline, the weight limit can reach up to 400 LBS.
  • Frame steel tube and U-shape foot tube are fixed by the T-joints. The fiberglass material is smooth, round and strong. So it can be installed easily.
  • 12 carbon fiber poles support the top of safety net. Using fiberglass support poles can increase the stability of the safety net, enlarge the inner space and provide depth sense, stereo sense, and large FOV. Fully protect players from scratch.
  • PP jumping material, good waterproof performance, strong elasticity, long service life.

Trampoline Specifications:

  • Dimension:15ft with 400 Lbs weight limit
  • Height:108.7"
  • Galvanized Springs:108
  • Spring Length:7"
  • Frame Steel Tube Size:1.65"(Diameter) x 0.06"(Thickness)
  • Fence Height:71"
  • Frame Height:29.3"(Min)/37.8"
  • Enclosure Net Pole Pad Material:PVC
  • Pad Size:15' Outside Diam
  • Pad Material:PVC+PE(7.9" thickness)
  • Net Enclosure Pole Size:1.26"(Diameter) x 0.05"(Thickness)
  • Net Enclosure Material:PE
  • Net Enclosure Fixation:Sewn Fixed

   1 * Trampoline Frame
   1 * Jumping Mat
   1 * Spring Pad
   1 * Enclosure Set
   1 * Ladder
   1 * Jumping Detector
   All Hardware

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