Exacme 2019 Smart Rectangle Trampoline 7x10 FT Frame with Enclosure and Jumping Detector 6184-0710B/G

by ExacMe
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Jumping Detector: This is Exacme's newest design which is composed of an intelligent detector box and mobile phone app. The simple design can be installed on any trampoline. This provides an easy way to add realtime tracking and interactive games to a new trampoline or the trampoline you already own.

Exacme Rectangle Trampoline:Rectangle Trampoline is our new model, all material is same as our round trampoline. The top safety net pole is not stright, so please note that the basketball hoop can not used for this trampoline. The net has already saved the kids from some crazy jumps off the side, and it is convenient that the zip-closed function on the net that can be done from in or outside the trampoline. Rectangle shape would fit better in the yard, as it lends more room to doing flips. It supports adults and has a lot of room for the kids.

Important Note:

  • Installation: It is easy to install the detector box between springs which is better close to the V rings.
  • Connection: Download the App on your smart phone and connect to detector box via Bluetooth.
  • Function: It will calculate energy consumption according to the jump time, jump count, jump height estimate, and total accumulated height while you are jumping or playing on trampoline.

Trampoline Specifications:

  • Frame Size :7x10 feet
  • Jumping Mat Dimensions : 5.5' x 8.5'
  • Color : Black Jumping Mat and Net, Blue or Green Pad
  • Leg Number :4pcs
  • Springs amount : 56pcs
  • Trampoline Height with Net:7.7 feet
  • Trampoline Frame without Net:2.13 feet
  • Maximum Weight Capacity:335 Lbs

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