ExacMe T-Series 8-16FT Round Trampoline High Weight Limit with Enclosure Set and Jumping Detector | Bluetooth Wireless App 6180-FTcom+FT01

by ExacMe
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12/14FT trampoline is back-ordered around 7/10/2019

Jumping Detector: This is Exacme's newest design which is composed of an intelligent detector box and mobile phone app. The simple design can be installed on any trampoline. This provides an easy way to add realtime tracking and interactive games to a new trampoline or the trampoline you already own.

Exacme T-series Trampoline: T-series trampoline is the most popular in all series, especially 15’ and 16’ trampoline. It is made with strong, rust-resistant galvanized steel tubing, making our design safer and longer-lasting than conventional welded trampolines. Our heavy duty frame allows us to offer a category-leading 398 lbs weight limit on all 12+ foot models.

Important Note:

  • Installation: It is easy to install the detector box between springs which is better close to the V rings.
  • Connection: Download the App on your smart phone and connect to detector box via Bluetooth.
  • Function: It will calculate energy consumption according to the jump time, jump count, jump height estimate, and total accumulated height while you are jumping or playing on trampoline.

T-series Trampoline Specifications

  • Size: 8 FT, 10 FT, 12 FT, 13 FT, 14 FT, 15 FT, 16 FT
  • W-shaped Legs:8ft:3; 10ft:4; 12ft-16ft:6
  • Springs:8ft:48pcs; 10ft:64pcs; 12ft:72pcs; 13ft:84pcs; 14ft:96pcs; 15ft-16ft:108pcs
  • Trampoline Height:8ft-10ft:2.13ft; 12ft-13ft:2.82 ft; 14ft:2.92ft; 15ft-16ft:3.15ft
  • Material: Galvanized Springs;PE Mesh Netting; PP Jumping material; PE+PVC pad cover in blue color.
  • Ladder: Heavy duty and hot dip galvanized steel, 42mm (Dia)×1.5mm (Thickness)
  • Maximum Weight Capacity:8FT: 225 Lbs; 10FT: 335 Lbs; 12FT+: 398 Lbs

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