ExacMe Golf Putting Green with Ball Return, Indoor Outdoor Golf Practice Mat, 118" Crystal Velvet Mat, Wood Base, 3 Cups, GF345

by ExacMe
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Why choose ExacMe golf putting mat?
  • ExacMe golf putting mat set is designed for the purpose of improving accuracy and greater control on every putt.
  • It performs indoors and outdoors flexibility.
  • Comes with independent gift packaging for easy carrying, making you enjoy your putting whenever and wherever you are on travel, at home, or office.
  • It is a perfect golf simulator for all beginners and experienced golf players and will be a great gift to your daddy, husband, lover, kids, and friends.
  • [ 3 Different Size of Cups ] The 17.7" x 118" golf mat has 3 different holes, 3.9in, 3.5in and 2.8in, as well as 3 different rolling speeds. The smallest hole which is much smaller than regulation allows you to really hone in your putting stroke and accuracy. For starters, It increases the difficulty during practice, helps you to be more familiar with golf course, and adds practice much more challenging and fun
  • [ Auto Ball Return System ] The magnetic assembly wooden return track makes the golf ball automatically return to the mat through the "train track" when into the hole. So you can standstill at the end of the putting green, and do not have to move your body to fetch the balls repeatedly. This effectively helps you save your practice time and focus all your energy on playing
  • [ Foldable Crystal Velvet Mat ] The thicker crystal velvet material allows the golf ball to roll identical, offering you a realistic putting experience. The wrinkle-free anti-slip back makes the green won't lose its flatness when folded or rolled up. Wrapped edges prevent curling, fraying, and damage to make the mat for long-lasting of use. You can even practice in a small space. Just set up against a wall to save space when not in use
  • [ Alignment & Distance Control ] Both sides of the golf mat features clear alignment guides at 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 feet key putting distances to help you promote consistency in every aspect of your putting motion. For starters, it also helps you to be more familiar with golf course
  • [ Works great for right and left handed golfers ] The golf simulator is prefect for right hand palyers. The Lefty's can choose to use 2 or 4 feet of the ball return to allow standing comfortably over the ball


  • Model: 6188-GF345
  • Mat size: 17.7×118in
  • Return track length: 75.6in
  • Assembly dimension: 122×20.8×7.1in

Buyer Reading

  • Warranty: 90-day limited
  • Return Policy: 30-day for unopened and unused with original box


  • 1 × Mat attached wooden base
  • 1 × Backstop Board
  • 3 × Ball return track



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