Exacme Trampoline Stakes Anchors Safety Kit Heavy Duty Steel Galvanized, S001

by ExacMe
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$ 33.80
$ 16.90
These anchors are easy to assemble! Four large heavy duty steel anchors, screw the steel anchor into the ground, connect the strap to the Loop on the anchor and to the trampoline frame. Using the adjustable buckles according to your preferences and to the height of your trampoline.
Heavy-duty anchor kit
Simple & Easy Attachment
It helps keep your trampoline secured to the ground under most windy conditions.
Anchor Kit does not work well in sandy conditions
Anchor Kits are not intended for use while trampoline is in use.
Type: 6180-S001
Product Type: Anchor Kit
Color: Black/Silver
Anchor Kit Length: 11.8"
Anchor Kit Material: Steel
Bandage Length : 118"
Bandage Width : 0.79"
Packing Size: 12"(L) x 3"(W) x 4"(H)
Net/Gross Weight: 2 / 3 Lbs

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