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ExacMe 15FT Round Trampoline W/ Carbon Fiber Tube Enclosure Net Combo L15

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Exacme Carbon Fibrer trampolines are made with strong, rust-resistant galvanized steel tubing and Carbon Fibrer tube for the poles, which is lightweight and corrosion resistance. 6 U-shaped legs with 12 balanced contact points add stability and prevent wobbling or tipping, also add more weight capability. Galvanized Springs provide a deeper, more exciting bounce. This 15-foot, 108-spring trampoline has a 400 pound maximum weight capacity, is easy to assemble and requires no tools or extra drilling. The rust-resistant frame will hold up to years of heavy outdoor use.
2016 New Mode
Best Choice
In the trampoline products, this carbon fibre pole trampoline has the best attractive design and color choices.
6W Legs trampoline and T-joints, much more stable and safe!
Frame steel tube and U-shape foot tube are fixed by the T-joints.
The carbon fiber material is smooth, round and strong, it is same material as most fish poles. So it highly corrosion resistance.
12 carbon fiber poles support the top of safety net.
Using carbon fiber support poles can increase the stability of the safety net, enlarge the inner space and provide depth sense, stereo sense, and large FOV.
Not bare any metal on the surface,all accessible parts has been covered by protective package.
Fully protect players from scratch.
PP jumping material, good waterproof performance, strong elasticity, long service life.
All models meet or exceed GS/TUV/ASTM/EN71/CE standards.
15FT Round Fibre Glass Pole Tampoline
Rust Resistant Galvanized Steel Frame
6 of W-Shape legs
12 pieces of T-joints
12 pieces of Carbon Fiber Pole
12 pieces of Annulus Eye Bolt Fasteners
12 pieces of Frame steel tube (hot dip galvanized)
6 pieces of U-shape steel tube (hot dip galvanized)
12 pieces of Leg extension tube (hot dip galvanized)
108 pieces of Galvanized Springs
PP Jumping material
PE+PVC pad cover in blue or green color
Maximum Weight Capacity:400 Lbs
Net Enclosure:
Creates a Fun Jumping Environment without limiting Visibility.
PE mesh netting.
Rust-resistant galvanized steel frame padded with PVC protective film for the poles.
The top of the safety net was supported by fibre pole. More stable and safe.
Sturdy straps and ropes to secure net to trampoline.
Including:15ft net enclosure, 24 poles, 12 fibre glass poles, pole pads, and hardware.

Galvanized Springs:108
Spring Length:7"
Frame Steel Tube Size:1.65"(Diameter) x 0.06"(Thickness)
Fence Height:71"
Frame Height:29.3"(Min)/37.8"
Enclosure Net Pole Pad Material:PVC
Pad Size:15' Outside Diam. With 13" Pad Width
Pad Material:PVC+PE(7.9" thickness)
Net Enclosure Pole Size:1.26"(Diameter) x 0.05"(Thickness)
Net Enclosure Material:PE
Net Enclosure Fixation:Sewn Fixed
Top Bracket: Carbon Fiber Pole
Maximum Weight Capacity:400 Lbs
Packaging Number:3 Cartons

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